Ten Minute Break

IMG_2516Tranquility. That’s what my backyard offers me.  With arms of green and a golden hue, it beckons me.  It must feel when I’m not at ease.  It calls and it calls.  It’s so willing to please.

I have no idea why I don’t visit it much.  Every time I do, I feel such release.  It’s as if nothing else matters except the birds and their song.  With eyes closed shut, I can feel the wind go by.  It rustles the leaves on the ground and carries my burdens with it.  It stirs up scents that laid dormant before.  I can now smell the rotting earth.  Yet, I get a second whiff and I smell the fragrance of flowers this rotting earth brought forth.

I used to come out here more often.  It used to be a place for my morning meditation.  Meditation seems better in this scene that’s all mine. Busyness has made me forget.  There seems to always be something more important than my tranquility.  Sad, because all it takes is a ten minute break to get you feeling at ease.

Oops, there’s the timer. My ten minutes are up.

Ready, Set, Done!


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