Betrayal Of Self


Some might say that betrayal is the worst offense a person can endure. It can leave a dent in the fabric of ones being. Once betrayed, it becomes very difficult to regain trust in the one who betrayed you. Often times, the only way a perpetrator of betrayal can ever be trusted again, is through the process of proving themselves worthy. But, what if the one who betrayed you was yourself? What do you do then?

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7 thoughts on “Betrayal Of Self

  1. You are only a failure if you believe you are. Fear of success is just as dangerous as fear of self. I know this fear all to well. As an ex street kid and homeless person I experienced this fear and self betrayal for 14 years as I fought my battles to regain my life. The trick is to never give in or give up. Except all mistakes as learning points and keep moving forward. Loved the post.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post Pastor Billy. It came from the heart and I intend to live true to myself and the message inside of me. Things will be a bit slow from me because I’m going in for surgery on Wednesday. After that though, it’s on. I resonate with what you say on your blog and especially like this “We can all make a difference.” I’m a firm believer of this. Everything you do causes a ripple effect that can make changes you may never know about. Keep up the good work and thanks again.


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