Bar At The Entrance

In response to the Daily Prompt:

Fill In the Blank

Three people walk into a bar . . .

The first person immediately seems very upset. He mumbles and complains, very strongly, about how the bar should never have been in this location. He remarks, “How can people be so irresponsible?”

The second person falls to the ground. He has his hands over his head, presumably in deep pain. However, he is also laughing very hard at what had just occurred.  It’s obvious that this person can always see the funny side of even the most painful events in life.  This person prefers to view things as a lesson learned, rather than a tragedy.

The third person wipes the blood from his nose. He then looks at the first person who is mumbling and complaining. He shakes his head, almost in disgust. He catches sight of the second person on the ground laughing. He notices a glowing bump on this guy’s head and he lets out a little chuckle. There is a funny side to life.

He then, takes off his shirt. He tears it into strips and ties the strips around the bar. The strips dangle along the bar as a clear warning to anyone approaching, ensuring that no one else walks into the bar.  He then proceeds to make a phone call to the manager’s office. He reports the incident and explains that when he asked them to install a bar in the entry that is NOT what he meant!


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