The Thing About Blogging and Twitter…

Another great article from Danny at Dream Big, Dream Often. He discusses the importance of social media outlets and your blog. Check it out!

Dream Big, Dream Often

This post is going to be a bit off our topic today, but I just couldn’t resist responding to a few emails I have received following my blogging advice from Thursday.

One email asked me why I thought Twitter was so important and inferred that the only reason bloggers like Twitter or Facebook for that matter, is to pad Follower stats. The reason behind his argument is that both FB and Twitter link to and contribute to Follower totals.  So, if you have a blogger that follows you on WordPress and Twitter and Facebook, that one person could represent 3 Follows across the board; thus “padding” your numbers.  I am not sure if many of you view social media in this light, but for some reason the vast majority of blogs I visit each week are not connected to social media.  So there is a disconnect on some level.

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