What Do We Really Need? The Path To Minimalist Living

Great article! It’s along the same line as my post http://whatigottasayaboutit.com/peace-clean-up/. I live a semi minimalist life. But, I have been reading blogs like Zen Habits, and I see the many benefits of a life of simplicity.

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How to Start Living a More Minimalist Lifestyle

get rid of clutter

Have you ever asked yourself, ” What do you really need in this life?”. It is often a lot less than you think, but I feel it’s also important to point out this isn’t about living completely without, we aren’t trying to sacrifice things here, we are trying to find the happy medium. When we understand our needs, we then can determine the form and function of our lives.

A minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. But in this hectic world, many of us feel that call — to have less, to spend less, to do less, to need less. Where does one start on the path to minimalism?

Why do feel the need to have so much stuff? Is it because we are marketed to from the time we are born to the time we die? On any given day we…

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8 thoughts on “What Do We Really Need? The Path To Minimalist Living

    • Yes, that’s a great place to start. Being conscious of what you buy by asking if you need it will help you to reclaim your life from consumerism. So many of us are so confused when it comes to determining a need from a want. Advertising and the media makes us believe that we need certain items. Your phone may work perfectly fine. It serves your purposes. Then, a new version comes out with all the media attention and advertisements thrown in your face. Add in the influence of family and friends who might have bought the newer version, showing it off to you, and your hooked. If you’re not aware, you’ll start to believe that you need the new phone.


  1. Me and My friend have been living on this line of thought since few months. It feels great. It is difficult but we are learning. Trying to give up what we don’t need and using only those stuff which we need. Material as well as in thoughts, we are trying to catch on being the Minimalist


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