Today’s Daily Draw

Great reminder! I honestly believe that we are all, collectively, on the verge of big changes. There’s a shift in the paradigm happening and we should all continuously go within to discern the next step to take. Great post Sharon! 🙂 Joe

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Vision Quest and the Hermit

As I was pulling my card for the draw today the Hermit came along. This is an interesting combination of cards. Today may be one of those days where we go through the motions because we have so much on our minds. Combined these two cards are asking us to take a step back and check to make sure we are ready for our next move.

The Vision Quest asks us to consider a reality check of our lives and not make any life altering changes until we are ready. We just had a reality check with yesterday’s draw. Have we let go of the old thought patterns and systems holding us back? We must be willing to let go, we don’t want to interfere with or stop our growth. Once we surrender our grip on those things that no longer serve us we can…

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