9 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Great post Danny. Scott Dinsmore did this in 2013 on Live your Legend. It’s a great way to get people engaged.

I share a couple of things off your list with you.

1. I too have become a bit clumsy. Ever since my accident I trip over my own feet.
2. I love to people watch as well. I also listen in on their conversations. But I go even further. At a restaurant I will create stories of people at other tables if I cannot hear their conversations.
3. I love using my imagination as well. Sometimes too much.
4. I experience other people’s emotions since being a child too. I later found out there’s a name for us. We are called empaths (http://healing.about.com/cs/empathic/a/uc_empathtraits.htm).

Here are some additional things that you might or might not like to know about me.

1. I burst out singing random songs out of nowhere for no apparent reason. Half the time I’m unaware I’m doing it.
2. I can’t stand shopping. When I go to a store it’s usually for a specific item that I already checked online to see if it’s in stock. I go in, buy it, and leave.
3. I love to sweat. I love gardening outside and getting all sweaty and dirty. I also like to dance or do other cardiovascular activities that make me sweat. When I say sweat, I mean sweat. Not perspire. I like the sweat to drip off of my head. Odd huh?
4. I got hit by a NYC bus in 1990. It was the day after Christmas and the brake peddle fell of off the bus. The driver drove onto the sidewalk and ran over 9 people altogether. I landed on the corner of 42nd and Lexington and was on the cover of several newspapers with the headline reading “Miracle On 42nd Street.”
5. I see dead people. I’ve learned to ignore it a bit and will only see them peripherally now. But, if I focus my attention on them, I can tell you what their wearing and all.
6. I suck at folding fitted sheets. I start off good. Then they end up in a ball.

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Dream Big, Dream Often

Okay, I do this on occasion because I think it is important that those that encourage life change to be as transparent as possible.

I don’t like personal development writers/bloggers that bark out instructions from on high and never reveal anything about themselves personally; I call this the Great Oz Syndrome. Actually, I find it a bit pretentious, but that is my personal opinion.  It is also my choice to reveal personal details and I can understand others’ reluctance to do so.  I want people to know about me and I want to be transparent.  After all, I receive so many emails each month in which people/readers/strangers reveal intimate details of their life and it is only fair that I reveal about myself in return.

So here are 9 things you didn’t know about me:

  1. I have become a bit clumsy over the last couple of years.  As my MS…

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