Midnight Motivations and Musings 94

I couldn’t agree more with what Jacqueline has to say in this post. We have the free will to decide the thoughts we will entertain. Go give it a read.

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Will I have the opportunity to live life a second time? I have no answer to that question, but I know that in this realm, you and I get only one chance and one life to live.

The constructive question that I keep asking myself as I journey along now, is am I living as I should? Am I living my life or am I letting life live me?

Am I in a position to take charge of a lot of things that goes on in my life knowing that a lot of my destiny lies in my hands?

What am I doing to put myself in that position?

Or, am I just willing to ride along and take whatever fate flings at me?

We’ve been given a free will to make daily choices and even though some choices may be out of our control, the bulk of it all…

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