‘Pushed by an angel’: Boy saves falling baby brother

I believe there are angels among us. Some might write this off a the boys adrenaline kicking in. I choose to believe he was pushed by an angel. What do you think?





‘Pushed by an angel’:

Boy saves falling baby brother

9-year-old boy says “an angel pushed him” to rush into a room to catch his 11-month old brother falling off a changing table (video)

A 9-year-old Florida boy says an “angel pushed” him to catch his baby brother as the baby fell off a changing table and nearly smacked his head on the hardwood floor.

A dramatic nursery video of the Sept 29 incident captures the moment:

Tila Levi, a mother of five children in Bal Harbour, Florida, told ABC News she hadn’t posted the video to Facebook until last week because she was “embarrassed” about the incident, which happened on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

Levi’s husband sent the video to family members and friends, telling them the family was “starting the year off with a miracle.”

Before the incident, Levi had been changing 11-month-old Eitan’s diaper. She…

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