How To Stop Getting Crappy Results!

This is so true. What you focus on is what you will continue to see.

Rex Sikes' Daily Inspiration and Gratitude


“Our outer world reality is determined by our inner reality. The results we get are products of the thoughts we think. At one time the chair did not exist. Someone conceived of it, thought it up, and made one. From idea to tangible item. That’s how it works.

Some suggest the outer world accurately reflects the inner. If the outer is peaceful and harmonious the inner is as well. If the outer world is in chaos and discord so is the inner reality. As within so without. This is an important concept to grasp and consider.

If our thoughts, our beliefs (thoughts we repeatedly think over and over) create our reality then it behoves us to think the very best thoughts in order to create the very best reality. It means we need to control our mind and master it or remain a victim to it. Get it?

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